Sunday, November 27, 2005

dreaming of my stolen car

for the second night in a row, i dreamed that my car was stolen.

friday night, i dreamed that i had gone shopping. i was looking for a bra, and ryan kept pointing to ones that he believed i should get. i said no to each one. i was looking for something specific, which i couldn't find. i felt myself getting frustrated because i wanted to find this one bra, but it wasn't anywhere in the store. we went outside to leave, but i couldn't find my car. i walked to the spot where i knew i had parked it, but it wasn't there. we walked up and down the aisles, looking for my car. ryan kept telling me he knew where it was, and then he would walk me over to a car that wasn't mine. it made me angry. finally we split up to search the lot, but neither of us could find it. we walked around the lot for hours, without any luck.

last night, i dreamed that i was somewhere in california and i was on my way to a party. there wasn't any place to park in front of the house, so i drove a few blocks down and parked on a side street. the street was a steep hill going up, and i parked right at the bottom, behind one other car. i walked to the party. as i left it later that day, i felt weird, like something was wrong. when i got to the street where my car was supposed to be parked, it wasn't there, and neither was the car that was parked in front of mine. i thought i had stopped at the wrong street, so i proceeded down another block, but that street was level. i went back and stared at the empty spot where my car should have been. i had no idea where my car was. i started walking up and down the street, looking to see if i had parked it somewhere else and wrongly believed it was on the hill. i went back to the spot and noticed a guy sitting outside on his porch, right above the street. i asked if he saw what happened to my car. he said a tow truck had been there earlier, taking away the cars because no one's allowed to park on that street. i looked around for a sign indicating that, but there wasn't any. i started to panic, and i asked where the truck took my car. he had no idea.

i did a search on google for dreams about stolen/lost cars, and this is what i found on several sites:
Everything begins normally in this story. You have gone to work or on an errand and parked your car. But when you come back to get in your car it is not where you put it. It doesn't seem to have been stolen, but it isn't in the right parking place. Everyone else seems to know where their cars are, but you wander around feeling silly and bewildered and frustrated. Where could it have gone?

Most Common Meaning: Cars in dreams often relate to the dreamer's career, or predominant identity in waking life. Your car is your "vehicle," the way you move through life, and it may be grand or shabby depending on your view of things on any given day. Losing track of your car is a theme that occurs when you have done what was expected of you, made the best choice you could under the circumstances, but you still don't feel your talents and abilities are being fully used. Your "vehicle" in those terms is not in its right place. This doesn't suggest you need to quit your job, rather the dream is reflecting a sense of being out-of-place, and of feeling that things didn't turn out according to plan. This theme usually recurs during periods of deep frustration; so don't be alarmed if the dreams themselves are highly annoying and disquieting.

this was the most detailed "interpretation" i could find. if it's true, then maybe i'm not happy with my job... well, not the job itself, but the situation i'm stuck in. truthfully, it hasn't gone according to plan because i have a team teacher that doesn't understand the word "team" and all its implications. i do find myself constantly frustrated by her lack of contribution to the team (with me and another teacher); she always feels she is right and somehow i need to accommodate her.

i love my job, i really do. i know there are many ways in which it could be more pleasant (in terms of the Big Brother vibe from the administration and team teacher compatibility), but i love the kids, i love my colleagues, and i love the support system. i want to stick it out in the county because i know it so well... i am a product of this school system. but in a few years, i might consider a change in school districts, just so i don't get burned out.

Friday, November 25, 2005


it's fun just to prance around in nothing but a negligee, singing along to cheesy 80s music and eating jelly beans.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

the hardest part saying good-bye in the morning. *sigh*

lazy weekend. those two words will suffice to sum up two days of...
[-] laughing
[-] tickling
[-] snuggling
[-] eating
[-] watching lesbians
[-] sleeping late
[-] being silly
[-] indulging in total and utter debauchery

:D it was great.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

to the one i love

^_^ i love waking up to you.

or waking you up. i think that's more accurate.

and happy birthday to my dad.
and happy anniversary to my parents.