Thursday, February 07, 2013

Another saga in the tale of the stupid brother. . .

Some background: Dad purchased a Camry for my brother in 2008. He immediately drove it down to FL and registered it there. FL has no property tax.

Fast foward to 2011: My parents needed to liquidate property (health reasons). The Camry title was signed over to my dad's name, and then he signed it over to me. This way, the sale of the car would not be linked to them. Within two weeks we reported the car as sold to the DMV.

Fast foward to today: Mom asks me if I have a receipt for the Camry. She explains that my brother got a property tax bill for two years' worth of unpaid taxes; he had paid out over $1,000 to pay the bill and had emptied out his savings. I immediately smell a lie. I asked whose name was on the bill. She said she doesn't know because the bill was sent to my brother in TX. I called bullshit. The car, I reminded her, had last been registered in my name. Any unpaid taxes would have been billed to me. Unfortunately for my stupid brother, I have two letters--one from the DMV, another from the county--confirming the sale of the car and indicating a refund on the remaining months of the registration would be mailed to me.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. What a stinking pile of bullshit.

I dare him to call back and tell the story to ME.