Sunday, March 19, 2006

sometimes life comes at you fast

(is that the visa tag line?)

exhausted. excited. expectant. all in a weekend.

we spent most of the day going to some open houses and checking out condos. we saw some really nice ones, some overpriced ones, and some that were stuck in another decade. we didn't see anything that wowed us, but one came pretty close. there's so much out there, and to think we only saw a handful of them. sheesh.

getting a condo will mean i get to live with ryan. :) no more long weeks of waiting or driving in traffic for an hour to see him. our first major step together... does this mean he's growing up? :P (well, i think i'm a little more grown up than he is. boys like to take their time.)

not in the baby department. however, i do feel like i've given birth to a new ryan. i have to do a lot of literal and figurative pushing. ;) he's grown a lot in the time we've been together... we both have. i can't wait to see how great of a husband (and, eventually, father) he will be. i only hope and expect the best.

i've now moved past the days of doodling ryan's name in the corners of my papers to saying my future name out loud and debating whether to use it at school. i'll see a lot of my present students around in the hallways next year, and i'll always be "ms. kim" to them. would they find "mrs. connell" weird? even to me it's weird. :P i could continue with my maiden name at work. people would have an easier time remembering. well that's something to be decided later.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i've made love to the toilet

*barf* i've been sick... so sick. i've lost count the number of times i've had to stick my face in the toilet.

no i am not pregnant. as wondeful as that would be, i don't think anyone besides me would want that. :P

my dad was sick like this last weekend, and so were my cousins. whatever awful ailment they had, i now have. hopefully it won't last much longer. i had to call in sick today because there was no way i'd make it through an entire day like this.

we've also been in the process of looking for a condo. we've just been browsing, but ryan's working on finding a realtor to help us. it's exciting that we're taking our first major step together. :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

i can't keep my eyes off of you

being in love is a fantastic feeling.

like eating jelly beans all day.

but better.