Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday, January 13, 2006

the nigerians have spread their awesomeness to china

i got an email fro "cho wang" (LOL). he wants to share his money with me.

From: "cho wang" (cho
To: j***************
Subject: please get back to me

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I represent Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co. Ltd,My name is Cho Wang, Managing Direstor.( China.We deal on importation and exportation of rawmaterials and petrochemical products into Canada,America andEurope.

We are looking for a representative who can help ourcompany collect money been owed by our customers in,Europe,America,andCanada.

Please if you are interested in transacting businesswith our companysubject to your satisfaction and in view of yourworking with us, wewill be very glad to hear from you.

You shall be entitled to 10% of any payment youcollect on behalf of our company.For further information Contact us, If this proposalis acceptable to you.

You will be required to forward to us the underlistedinformation:CONTACT ADDRESSES:...........FULL NAMES:............................PHONE AND FAX NUMBER:.........

Best regards,
Cho L. Wang
MD.(SSP. ch)

no, i do not want your chinese money.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

i need something interesting to do because my life is so boring


at times like this, i wish i lived in a city. so much to do.

speaking of cities, my cousin amy is in town this week. she flew in from los angeles on saturday. i haven't seen her since she moved away years ago. possibly 14 years ago? good to see her, she's someone i can talk to, knowing she'd understand what i'm saying. she came to see her boyfriend (possible future husband) david. she's really short, he's really tall - it's a sight. they're been dating for three months. it's probable they will get married.

waiting for my turn... :P