Saturday, October 14, 2006

tomorrow i get married

it's been a long week--a lot of frustrations, but i'm glad that part of it is over.

my dad apologized for the things he said... i can leave with peace of mind.

tomorrow, i add "wife" to my list of titles.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

are we there yet?

it's been a long week, but i have another long week ahead. this being the last week before the wedding, i am starting to feel the pressure of orchestrating this event. we have pretty much everything set, except the centerpieces. there's also the matter of place cards and the program, which i spent twelve hours creating today. whew.

ryan's out with ken tonight, having his last hurrah. i've been trying not to think about it. :) he hasn't really had some time to do guy things in a long time, especially since i take up this weekends. he mentioned something about going to the shooting range, which sounds pretty cool. ken hadn't made any plans to go to a strip club, but ryan and i both know that they will probably end up at one because you just end up places when ken is driving.

with only eight days left, i am getting a bit nervous. i know things will be great, especially since so many of my friends will be there. (this is where carena would interject with something about how ms. so-and-so should not have been invited because she can be a pretty shit friend. i agree, but whatever--gifts!) i'm determined to have fun. :)

i can't wait to lay down next to ryan again and fall asleep...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

never ever...

...have i had as much fun as i did last night with carena, jules, mary, and yvonne!! ^_^ it should be illegal. alcohol (some), nudity (partial), groping (lots)... but, best of all, laughter (all night long)!

thank you, girls! i didn't think i'd enjoy my bachelorette party so much. :*)

pics up later.