Thursday, June 25, 2009

For the second time in the last week, Facebook has suggested a friend: Who is this person, and why was she suggested? Well, other than the obvious similarity in names. What, because she's Korean, and I'm Korean, and we have the same name, we should be friends? I am offended.

Am in the process of purchasing a new laptop. Haven't actually initiated the process. While I have much desire for a new one, I lack the motivation to browse. Husband has been looking for me, but his options have not struck my fancy. I would use my work laptop, but I'd rather not leave evidence of my Facebook addiction.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

With all this free time, I've been running through a list of places I'd like to visit. (Perhaps the gray, drizzly weather is contributing to my desire to be in warm, sunny, and sandy places.) In no particular order:

- U.S. Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, and other major islands (Grand Cayman, St. Kitts, St. Bart)
- Spain (particularly Barcelona, Madrid, and Costa del Sol)
- Turkey
- Ireland (a bit gray and drizzly there too, I bet...and not particularly warm or sandy)
- Egypt
- Greece
- Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
- Italy

The only part of traveling I dread is the packing and unpacking. If my luggage could magically appear at my destination, and then reappear at home upon return, I would enjoy traveling so much more. We'll be driving up to New York in a few weeks, and I hate the thought of packing. Inevitably, I leave something important behind, either at home or there.

Oh, blah. Let's just stay home and go to the pool. The tan is coming along...