Tuesday, December 12, 2006

is it christmas yet?

the question i'm really asking is, "is it christmas already?" cheese and rice.

we've given ourself this week to figure out who (to buy gifts for) and what (to get them), and then use saturday and sunday for shopping. we're cutting it pretty close but... i am definitely not a holiday person.

or perhaps, i lack spirit.

in other utterly important news, i am reading what is the what by david eggers. i was turned on to eggers by mike. i never got around to finishing you shall know our velocity, but i do mean to. it's... somewhere. it was actually quite good (the part i managed to read), and i will finish it. eventually. but for now, i need to sate my obsession with the lost boys of sudan. i saw "god grew tired of us" a few weeks ago with ryan. ever since, i have been doing my darnedest to get out the word about the movie. many of my kids are interested in seeing it. i look forward to incorporating it into the year with 10th graders.

anyway, what is the what should be on your reading list.

off i go to flit around in the living room to the song for our first dance.

if i just lay, if i just lay here,
would you lie with me
and just forget the world?