Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doing well in week twenty-three. Baby Boy is kicking but it hasn't become uncomfortable yet. People want to know if we've considered names, but I've yet to reach that point. Even with the first one, it wasn't really something we thought about until fairly late into the pregnancy. My parents didn't even discuss her Korean name until I was doubled over in pain at the hospital. And to be honest, we've still got a lot of work to do in the house to even think about names. He'll just be "the baby" until we get closer to February.

Dad is also doing well. He had his penultimate treatment last week. They changed the treatment so he doesn't feel so terrible after it. He has one more in November, with a follow-up with his oncologist a couple weeks after that. If all goes well, my parents may plan on returning to the states for a few months before returning to Korea for the three-month follow-up in February. Mom is worried she will miss Baby Boy's birth, but it's probably more important that she be with Dad than me. Granted, I could use my mom's help in the two weeks immediately following the birth, but I think I can manage to take care of myself and the baby (and Baby Girl and Husband). Everything is still conditional, so we'll see what happens.

This weekend we tackled the yard and got a lot done. We picked the last of the peppers; pulled up the rest of the plants; raked and bagged leaves; and mowed the lawn. I got a lot of laundry finished, and we started sorting and organizing Baby's toys and books. Next weekend's project will be to find a nice shelving system to put in the living room to hold the toys and books. That way, we can also unpack the rest of Baby's toy/book boxes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's been a productive weekend--probably the most productive since we moved in. (Hey, I had morning sickness. I was in bed for about two months.) We got our new washer and dryer yesterday, got everything hooked up today, and  I'm now on the third load of laundry. There's something quite satisfying about breaking in new appliances... :) I cleaned out as much as I could from the laundry room; there's still quite a bit of random stuff that I'd like to be rid of, but I'll leave for my mom to sift through. Last night, Husband and I spent an hour sorting about 500 golf balls. It could have been more, I didn't bother to keep count. I know my parents like playing golf, but that was ridiculous. I also cleaned out most of the pantry and sorted things so there was some sort of logical organization. After all that, all I could think about were the people on the show "Hoarders"; my mom isn't as bad as any of those crazies by any means, but I found five bags of napkins in five different places in the pantry; five boxes of golf balls in five different places in the laundry room; empty photo envelopes from the 80s; receipts from the 80s before we moved to this house... you get the idea. I can't imagine how much trash we've thrown out since we moved here, and there is probably just as much still left to sort through and throw away. Phew.

On the bright side, we spent yesterday morning at Cox Farms doing fall and Halloween things. Baby had a lot of fun seeing and petting the animals, eating kettle corn, and going down the enormous (and fast) slides. We had to cut our visit short because our washer and dryer were being delivered, but we'll definitely go back next year. Maybe we can even get in another trip before they close in November.

And the New Baby is kicking away!