Monday, May 29, 2006

on your mark, get set...

plan! :D

well, we closed and did all the fancy paperwork for the condo. we've had a major change in plans, and i've moved back home for the time being. ryan's at the condo, enjoying his last few months as a single man. ;) i've got some of my stuff over there, but i won't be living with him until we get married. (long story.)

mark your calendars for oct. 7! ^_^ (at least, for now.)

Monday, May 01, 2006

should i feel this tired all the time?

i thought i had a lot of copying to do...but then i remembered that i didn't. i swore for a few seconds while i stood in the copy room by myself, before i realized it was probably echoing down the hallway. chances are i was the only one in the building at that god-awful hour, but i didn't want to risk it. you never know who is going to saunter by.

my back hurts. we did a lot of walking and sitting this weekend. saturday, we walked from here to best buy (about 2 miles). it was interesting to see how this city really is not designed around pedestrians. we encountered some rather perilous dirt paths. it was funny to see ryan tentatively clinging the back of the guard rail as we made our way. :) we made it to best buy in one piece. we took a different route back, it was much easier and less dangerous.

on sunday, we went to sterling to look at some furniture. sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, stand, comment about the many ways one can have sex on all those sofas, sit, stand.

fingers crossed, we close next week.