Wednesday, October 26, 2005

educational outsourcing

i'm all for private tutors, but this is ridiculous:

"It's called e-tutoring -- yet another example of how modern communications, and an abundance of educated, low-wage Asians, are broadening the boundaries of outsourcing and working their way into the minutiae of American life, from replacing your lost credit card through reading your CAT scan to helping you revive your crashed computer."

something about it weirds me out.

the reason teachers don't stay after school longer to help kids is we don't get paid past our contracted time. granted, i stay until 4:00 almost every day because i do have kids that come in and stay that long, but the school is almost always empty after 3:00. it's sad really -- i think it says more about the teachers than the kids. we've chosen a career that doesn't pay well because it's something we love to do. i know how frustrating it is for the kids -- to the point that i've offered help with Spanish, math, and history after school. (a handful have taken advantage of it.)


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