Saturday, September 16, 2006

credit card fraud isn't scary until you're the one who just lost money

i checked my account today to see how much money i had. i noticed there was almost $800 less than i had just a few days ago. i put gas in my car and bought tomato sauce at giant--not worth $800.

i felt like i had been punched in the face. i called my bank to cancel my card, and they were nice enough to refund the money. apparently, someone had tried to register a half dozen domain names with i call them, and they said someone in the billing department had already flagged the account as suspicious. they blocked the account and said someone from billing would get back to me with the specifics.


now i have no card until the end of next week.

i have a grand total of... wait for it... wait for it...

3 cents in my wallet.


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