Thursday, November 30, 2006

delayed chaos

my family has always been... crazy. crazy but fun. this year, i didn't spend thanksgiving with them here. ryan and i drove up to new york to spend the holiday with his parents. i knew what i was getting into -- we had a quiet thanksgiving. it was a stark contrast to the talking, laughing, joking, dancing, singing, playing my family does at the holidays.

one of my family's traditions at thanksgiving is to play cards. we usually play 31, which we learned a few years back and have been obsessed with playing. the two with the lowest scores have to buy ice cream for our new year's party. then, we play again that day and plan for next thanksgiving. i missed the card playing and the ice cream. undoubtedly, i missed out on victoria dancing and/or singing, which never ceases to entertain anyone!

it wasn't until last thursday, as i sat on the couch and watched the macy's thanksgiving parade, that i was finally thankful for a big family.

in spite of our differences.

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  1. unni, we missed you! But you'll be there for christmas right? Maybe you can teach ryan 31 :D ... or he can join in on laughing at young who was in the negatives for all the rounds except one (the last one nami played in his place). No dancing on victoria's part, just her knock, knock jokes :P