Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day!

we don't have big plans for tonight--just dinner at home together. :) that isn't any different from our normal routine, but just knowing it's our first valentine's as a married couple makes it special. i thought about other things we could do, but i'd rather sit around in sweats with my unkempt hair eating a homemade dinner with my husband. :D we've conquered four months with just a handful of tiffs--what better to mark the occasion than to enjoy one another in the simplest of evenings.

today isn't about celebrating couples; it's about celebrating life. to all my unattached friends--do something for yourselves today, with the utmost sense of indulgence and satisfaction. embrace yourselves, love yourselves, and above all, seek happiness within.

valentine's day shouldn't be the one day of the year you tell your s.o. "i love you." say it every day. every night. in the car. at the supermarket. on the phone. by email. at the movies. in bed. all the time.

may everyone's snow day be filled with love. :)

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  1. i didn't get a snow day [sigh]. UVa never does. I had to walk in the street (almost get hit by a car, but splashed with gross-black-mixed-with-salt street water) because the sidewalks weren't shoveled yet. BUT, your wednesday sounds cozy and nice :)