Monday, August 10, 2009

'Mommy bloggers' vow to avoid ethical conflicts

Perhaps it is a bit righteous to believe no one should profit from blogging. I do take issue with women to use blogging to get free samples and corporate backing; it seems to conflict with the whole idea of being a mommy blogger. The purpose of being a mommy blogger would seem to be sharing ideas and thoughts about parenthood. I don't feel we should use that opportunity to court the big companies. Granted, I can see where it would be nice to spend a little less on things we need for our children, but selling out to the companies is low.

Hey, I would love a year of free diapers, but I'm not going to shout my praises of [insert brand name]'s superb diapers. (I don't even use brand diapers. In fact, I found my generic diapers from my favorite warehouse box store looked exactly like the brand diapers we used to buy. The only difference was the generic ones didn't have stupid Disney characters prancing around.) It's one thing to win the diapers in a contest, but it's another to 'ask' for free diapers by posting glowing reviews on your blog.

I'll just stick to writing on my ad-free, not-for-profit blogs.

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