Monday, September 19, 2005

have you ever wanted to hit someone? really hit someone?

i got that urge several times today.

okay, let me explain my situation at work:
  • i team teach 3 of my 5 periods. i team one class with SMR and two classes with KGT.
  • KGT also teams with RCA. RCA and i are likethis because of the circumstances that follow.
  • RCA and i are both "new" teachers... i.e. this is our first year of full-time teaching, but we have at least a year of student teaching/other teaching jobs under our belts. we are competent, if not better versed, than some of the older teachers.
  • KGT has been teaching for 20+ years. in those 20+ years she's been teaching, educational theory has undergone major changes. she comes from a very different school of educational philosophy than RCA and me. as a result, we do things that go against everything i was told not to do in my graduate classes. i feel like i've angered the education deities.
  • KGT team taught with the same teacher for the past 5 years. they clicked like the snap on my pants. this year, KGT is no longer working with ex-partner-in-crime and is experiencing severe withdrawal. consequently, RCA and i have to deal with that.
  • KGT likes to throw her "i am so much more experienced" attitude at RCA and me. she believes that is her excuse to get away with doing nothing, which leaves the bulk of the administrative work to us. unfortunate for her, we are not happy with this situation.
  • RCA and i had a secret throw-down with the department chair last week. we spent an hour venting our frustrations. our lovely MJ was sympathetic and appalled but grateful that we had remained professional and calm. we decided on a plan of action, which will be set in motion this week.
  • KGT tends to do as she will without asking for an okay. for example... i had emails to write and grades to input, and i had both programs open on my computer. i stepped away for 2 minutes to speak with another teacher. she slipped into my room and closed out all programs and logged me off. she proceeded to do what she needed without the slightest apology. then she made me stay until 4:00 to help her input her grades. she has less than 15 kids in our shared classes. she couldn't do that by herself. is she serious?! "let's put a grade on it for now. you can read them later." you? my ass.
  • KGT does nothing but complain about how much work she has or how the division of students doesn't make sense or how evil the administration is or... blahblahblah.
  • KGT has never taken attendance in our classes.
where do i stop? i would not like to see her return next year. or at least, i would not like to team with her next year. i will try my best to remain sane until june.

i haven't gotten to the point where i have homicidal thoughts, but that could happen sooner than i thought.


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