Tuesday, September 13, 2005

more people remember me than i thought...

seriously... matt a. last week, shannon c. and john p. this week. :P

so i was really confused about my future rent because the girl leaving told me 750, but the lease said 900. she gave me a check last week but i couldn't figure out what it was for. okay, so i finally figured it all out today. she gave me a check for the difference in rent (since i'm taking over her lease) and then subtracted the prorated rent for september. so technically i AM paying 750. :P well, that's fine, my monthly paychecks are more than enough to cover that and live comfortably. my financial advisor promises to make me rich by the time i retire. i'm holding him to it. :)

i've decided that i have enough time to work for kathy in the afternoons. honestly, i don't have any work that i bring home, i can get most of it done in school. besides, who am i to turn down an easy two hours and cash pay? :D plus, it'll be nice to have some untaxed income. but shh, don't tell anyone. ;)

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  1. holy crap jessica...how did you find me at random??? that is pretty nuts...shannon...matt?? hit me up sometime on aim. tesseract5d. i also work in mclean!