Friday, June 16, 2006

all it took was a dress

...for it to seem so real.

:) i got a dress that i'm happy with and absolutely DDDYYYIIINNNGGG to wear. i can't wait to see ryan's face. maybe it'll be beautiful enough he won't want to get it off me. ;)

who am i kidding? he has his own agenda.

we met one of the photographers we were considering. the only thing i don't like about his package is it doesn't offer the parent albums. i wonder how much it would cost to get those myself... tomorrow i'm meeting with another photographer, who had a great all-inclusive package (albums and all). i'm leaning more towards her. but... the guy we met today had a pink shirt on, so... :P it's hard to say which impressed me more--his portfolio or his shirt.

one more location tour tomorrow, and we'll have to decide by saturday. that way we can ensure we have somewhere to do this! :)

[insert picture of me in the wedding dress that ryan can't see] ;)

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