Monday, June 26, 2006

i sold my soul for $20/hour

[sigh] today was the first day of "eight weeks of dealing with immature 12-14 y.o. boys who have retarded haircuts." i don't know how i'm going to survive this year; at least last year, i had mostly girls. i can deal with estrogen, but a roomful of testosterone is unbearable. this is a break-down of the group:
  • peter - "what time is it? ms. kim, do you know what time it is? this is boring."
  • stephen - "i don't know any of this stuff. i'm only going to 7th grade."
  • jason - "this is boring."
  • jeff - "this is boring."
  • earl - ...i know he will be that piece of coal jammed up my ass, except it will not be a diamond at the end of the summer.
  • cody - "...and then she went to the airport and the lady asked for the tickets but she didn't have them and so she went home and the old lady said..." &c.
  • josh - :) one of my favorites from last summer.
all boys... it makes me want to cry. i need to put my foot down and crack the whip tomorrow. apparently, they call me the devil because i gave them homework today. haha, they have no idea...

so anyway, i don't feel as excited about working as i did last year. mike and janet are the only ones back, and honestly, without the energy of jacob, raymond, sandy, and daniel, it's a bit quiet. oh, and ben! haha. as weird and creepy as he was, he was fodder for our jokes.

in other news, wedding planning is... bumpy. we still don't have a location decided, although we really liked belmont. my parents have been unhelpful and unsupportive through this process. they want things done according to their divine plan, which clashes in every aspect with mine. it's a miracle i got the dress that i wanted, although that took a lot of angry snipes from me and hours of pouting in my room. i can't take care of any other arrangements until we have a location set because all these people need to know when and where before they can guarantee anything. the only problem with belmont is that it is located about an hour from here. i'm going to talk to the catering director at mount vernon tomorrow and see if there's anything available around the time we want. it's a compromise if we have it there, but at least it's nice and old-timey. :P we'd get some great photos outside of the inn. next up: photographer, flowers, get working on table pieces. (do i have any of those former creative juices left?)

going go the gym's going well. (alliteration!) i only missed saturday. i did 1.5 miles today nonstop, that's getting back to where i was last year. off to a good start. i should look great in the dress by october. :)

despite all the flooding and damage caused by the last 4 days of torrential downpours, i rather like the rain...

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