Saturday, September 05, 2015

Biting my tongue. Swallowing my pride. Walking on eggshells. Bottling it all up.

I am going to explode, and it won't be pretty.

I have a few words to describe my lovely parents.

They are manipulative and duplicitous.

They are gossiping hens.

They are self-absorbed.

They are disingenuous.

They are petulant children.

They are entitled egoists.

They are so obsessed with reaping the benefits of the sacrifices they made that they are blind to their failings.

They make threats to get what they want, and they pout when they feel slighted.

They have the audacity to say they don't need me. Someone should kindly remind them that I gave up my dream of buying a house to buy theirs, a house a detest. Someone should also remunerate all of the financial burdens from which I have unburdened them. Someone should also remind them that taking things from me falls under the heading of "things I need from you." Someone should also point out that using my car everyday and never filling the tank count as "things I need from you."

They have resisted relinquishing full ownership of this house to me and Husband because (see all reasons above).

I have spent 30 years bending to their will and being the good little girl who suppresses her own will to serve her parents.

I am done.

Fuck you.

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