Sunday, August 14, 2005

my last day

"when is your last day? you keep coming here." ~jacob :P

i went to PEI on thursday and friday. thursday i finished orientation at 11:30, so i met everyone for lunch at five guys. (i talked with mike about his job search, it sounded like good news, but as of yesterday, it still seemed uncertain. i hope everything works out for him.) later i went with everyone back to work. mike needed to make some phone calls, so i helped him out with his class. i read and discussed an article with them, which was completely over their heads. mike and i ended up just hanging out with the kids for the last hour.

friday i drove over at 3:00 after orientation, and we all went out for happy hour. janet was supposed to come, but she forgot. mike's gf kaitlyn (caitlyn?) came. anyway, we had so much fun making jokes about our waiter, who was really weird. what we figured were his attempts at being funny just seemed really rude. just the highlights of our awesome hour:
- daniel's five glasses of fruit punch (hahaha...)
- $MR$CHIP ("you guys should grow up")
- jacob trying to drink out of the water pitcher ("man, you can't do that!")
- story about hippie mike :P
- making fun of mr. jeong
- "hey, where's ben?"
- david and jacob simultaneously hitting their heads on the overhead lamps

dude... life will be so boring without seeing them everyday. :P i hope i can get there next friday. we totally need to take a goofy group pic. throwing gang signs or something, haha.

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