Wednesday, August 10, 2005

six flags

small park, but a lot of fun. :) i ended up spending the whole day with mike, dj, and david. halfway through the day, all our kids wanted to go to the water park, so we ditched them and went on rides. we are such awesome chaperones! :P we had a lot of fun. mike and i mostly talked about work and his options. we also ended up having to pay for our lunches because there weren't enough vouchers for some reason.

the low point of the day was finding out raymond's bookbag was stolen. he was so upset, it was hard for the rest of us to know what to do or say. there really wasn't much we could do for him except give him some company while he walked around. we stuck around for about half an hour longer than we planned because we had to figure out how we were going to bring back the kids that he had driven. it all worked out, though. raymond's brother was going to drive up there with the spare key for his car, but raymond just wanted to get his camera and ipod back. i feel so bad for him... i hope there's some good news tomorrow.

anyway, i didn't get to take any pictures because our group was so big, and they were just scattered all the time. oh well. i've taken plenty up to now. :)

i'm going to miss you guys!

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