Tuesday, July 04, 2006

don't you love my updates?

i know you do!
  • i need to be better about getting to the gym... and staying there. :D
  • i finalize the contract for our wedding location on friday.
  • my mom's cousin's kids are coming to visit for a couple weeks. i have never met them before. they are from guatemala (a lot of korean people there). do i speak to them in spanish? korean? some strange, incomprehensible mix of the two?
  • tom is flying up tomorrow to get the rest of his stuff.
  • i leave for atlanta on sunday at 7 am. yay, we all look forward to waking up at the buttcrack of morning to catch a flight to one of the hottest cities in the country for a week of conferences with other teachers. fun.
  • my awesome bridesmaids are planning a bachelorette party involving a naked stripper, alcohol, and ME. what a combo! (paulo, if you read this, pretend you didn't see it. seriously.)
  • i can't wait to be married! ^_^
and finally, a 12-inch penis can be funny.

so are abandoned dildos.

happy 4th!

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