Friday, July 06, 2007

do you smell paint?

well, since i've been painting the dining room, i smell paint all day long--no matter where i am. i should probably wear a mask to protect myself from the fumes. i keep my face far enough away that i'm not nosed against the wall. the color looks good in the light. it's "regal red". i worked on finishing the third wall, and started on a second coat on the walls i finished earlier this week. hopefully we can finish up the dining room tomorrow and move the table and chairs back.

i'm also BURSTING at the seams with excitement. :D i want to tell the world about it, but not just yet. i am seeing the doctor on tuesday, so we'll know for sure then. (hint, hint.) only a select few know the news, including my mother, who has suddenly started to care about my well-being. i pointed that out to her, to which she responded, "i always care about my daughter, but more now." thanks, mom. :|

i start a week-long summer "assignment" for the county, updating the high school english blackboard site. i'm not sure what this job entails, and i won't find out until tuesday. we have orientation that morning. my doctor's appointment is that afternoon, so i'll be cutting out a little early, or so i assume, since i don't know how long the hours are. it shouldn't be stressful, and i'll be able to contribute to something productive and useful to the entire county. :)

and i'm still waiting on my DVDs to arrive. hurry up already, i want to start dancing.

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