Monday, July 09, 2007

several things of (minor) note

1. my DVDs came today and i danced along with shaun t.! it was hard because i have no rhythm. it also didn't help that my belly was jiggling.

2. i finished painting the dining room today! after letting the walls dry for several hours, i attempted to screw in the outlet covers, but i noticed that they didn't quite cover the rectangle i had taped. that just goes to show what a shitty job the previous owner did with painting, and adding strange a light switch just inches off the floor. (it doesn't do anything.) tonight we'll go to home depot and pick up some better outlet covers.

3. i received one of those annoying "hang up" calls--you know, when you answer and the person immediately hangs up. just out of curiosity, i googled the number to see where it came from, only to find a website where hundreds of people logged complaints about this same number! i added my own complaint (a mild one, considering i had only received one call from them). apparently, it is some company that conducts surveys about the radio (?). it's a cincinnati, ohio, number. most of the time, the company seems to hang up when you answer. the company also calls repeatedly whether or not you completed the survey. the company gives you the option of removing yourself from their phone list if you call them back, but it doesn't seem to actually remove you. the company also claims they are exempt from the FCC's "do no call" regulation because they are not selling or soliciting anything. i'll see what happens. will they call again?

4. i am excited for tomorrow. :)

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