Sunday, July 15, 2007

it's only just beginning . . .

i thought i would love being pregnant--i've only ever seen happy pregnant women. just this week i've started to feel . . . strange. i don't feel hungry. well, maybe a loss of appetite is a better way to describe it. i can't tell if i'm hungry or nauseous. is this the morning sickness starting to kick in? i eat because i know it's time to eat, but it isn't usually satisfying. sometimes thinking about food turns me off to it.

i've also been extremely tired. getting up in the morning has gotten difficult. just this weekend, i've basically fallen asleep any time i haven't been actively doing something. my body feels heavy, like i'm constantly dragging myself around. i can't even imagine how heavy i'm going to feel in a few months. :X

of course, my mom has already become overprotective grandmother. she called on friday just to tell me to be careful with what i eat and do. i know she's just concerned and watchful, but it's hard to pretend i don't already know these things. like she said, all i need to do is say, "yes, mother," and let it pass. :)

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  1. [hahahhaa] that's what mothers are for: jansohlee and i-love-you-butting-in :D

    i hope your morning-sickness-but-may-not be eases soon :)