Thursday, January 07, 2010

The news is not good. The second hCG beta test did not show the expected doubling, so my doctor scheduled me for a D&C on Monday afternoon. He plans to do one more ultrasound just in case, but he is pretty sure I've miscarried. I'm actually fine with all of this--the only part that bothers me is how much work I've missed this week, and will miss next week. I'll be out Monday for the procedure, possibly Tuesday if I'm not feeling up to going, and Wednesday and Thursday because my parents will be out of town and I have no one to watch the Baby. I am also a bit bummed that my plan to have a two-year difference in Babies 1 and 2 didn't quite work out, so now they will probably be three years apart. (Not ideal.) But what can ya do? Just let nature take its course.

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