Wednesday, June 22, 2005


well, i finally got my period yesterday. i'm a week late. ryan said he would have been worried under different circumstances. :P i called dr. b, but she was completely baffled. well, at least i'm not bleeding between expected periods.

this is turning into a long week. i had a hectic day yesterday. i found out that the registrar's office hadn't received my application for graduation. :O well, i got it all taken care of, so i should be straight by the end of this week. i've also got a lot to get done before the summer program starts on monday. (yay i get an entire weekend before going back to work! *grumble*)

i've had no appetite for the past few days. the thought of food makes me nauseous. i had no problems eating some cereal this morning. bland foods don't make me gag too much. today's dinner will be a cup of yogurt and a banana. hooray for my weird broken body.

okay, time to work.

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