Thursday, June 16, 2005

virus-laden poo

you might not want to touch it.

and in other news, i just looked over a list that kathy made of who's doing what during the summer. she has me done to do ESL and math. that's not what she originally told me. i hate teaching ESL. hate it, hate it, hate it. that's not what i got my degree in, and that's not what i want to do. ugh. >:( why does she think she can assign me to whatever she wants? i was supposed to teach 7th grade, but she's given that to this other guy who, btw, speaks english with a strong korean accent. he came by yesterday, and i heard her tell him he could choose whatever level he wanted. what? no. i've already put together things for the 7th graders, and i've ordered a few things online that i want to use. i DON'T want to teach ESL, and i don't want to teach algebra. she's also making me take over the 1st grade class halfway through the summer unless i can find someone else. why is that my job to find a teacher? god. if there's anything i've learned from this, never work for Korean people. they will squeeze you for all you're worth and not compensate you for any of it. kathy can forget about asking me to work here after i start working. it's not worth my time. i'm already driving 20 miles to get here. she tried asking me to drive some kids in the summer that live in woodbridge. um, they live closer to dumfries than to dale city. their mom is only willing to shell out $10 a day for rides. $10 for the two hours of driving everyday, sitting in traffic at 7am? i'm korean, i'm not stupid.

kathy relies on me to do so much of her work. well, this will definitely be the last summer i work for her.

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