Friday, June 17, 2005

busy friday

i've kept myself pretty busy today, but it felt good to be doing things just for me. it's been a while.

i went this morning to meet with medina again. she gave me the english 9 lit book to look over. we talked a little about some particulars. i saw sue in the hallway, and she asked if i was going to teach in the fall. apparently medina has told the entire english department. :P

on my way in, i saw one of my students lounging in front of the school. she saw me and jumped up to hug me. :D she was one of the students i feared would fail english and be held back. fortunately, she said she passed english. hooray for her. (the student i saw on wednesday had failed english... he had a C when i left.)

i went shopping up in leesburg too. sunday's father's day, so i bought my dad a blue Polo shirt, and i got a pink one for my mom while i was there. i got myself a red Polo t-shirt. then i went to the gap and got a pink smocked babydoll shirt. ;) i picked up a few tanks too. i'm all set for summer. :D i only spent $45 on myself, so i think i did well.

ah yea, i experienced something funny on my way back from leesburg. the parkway out in reston becomes two lanes on either side. the traffic was pretty heavy, and i was lost in a sea of cars at a light. all of a sudden, i see all the cars behind me pull out onto the left shoulder, and the cars in the other lane over into the right shoulder. then i saw the flashing red lights of an emergency vehicle. i followed suit, as did the cars in front of me. as soon as the truck got through the traffic, everyone turned the noses of their cars back into the lanes, almost in unison. it was funny. :P (the truck ended up doing a u-turn at the light and turning off its lights.)

okay, i still have the rest of the day to negotiate...

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