Tuesday, June 28, 2005


well, the summer's off to a good start. (i think.) :P

i'm working with some really cool people, so it should be fun. mike, ben, raymond, janet (my cousin), and i have been spending an hour or so after work just venting and talking about our days. since we're all relatively close in age, we get along pretty well. today, janet suggested we go out for happy hour after work sometime. ben and raymond can't (they're 19), and i don't drink. :P janet said it wouldn't be any fun with just mike. ;) i said i'd go even if i didn't drink, but having one could be fun, hehe. well another thing holding me back was the fact i have to give two kids a ride home every afternoon, but kathy told me i didn't have to on thursdays, so i can go out with the teachers.

hmm, the teachers... well, ben looks like ryan, and it's a little awkward for me. :P i keep crossing my arms when i'm around him because i always get this urge to put my arm around him. :X not because i want to, it's just instinctive with ryan. mike's also really good-looking - he looks like a frat boy. :P a little on the skinny side. i think some of the girls think he's cute too. raymond's asian, so... haha. :) it's nice to be working with attractive people - i've got lots to look at when i'm at work. :P

but i told ryan, no one sets my pants on fire like he does. :D <3

my kids are pretty good. i have the rising 8th/9th graders, so i don't really have behavior issues. just ringing cell phones which i confiscate. mike takes them for social studies, but i have most of them for spanish. i've got two of the younger kids in my spanish class too, and i was so surprised at how well they picked it up. they were actually better than the older kids. i'm so proud of them. :) they're so cute. i really like the kids this year. i can't say there are any i don't like. well, there's one kid from last year, he's still his really annoying self. i can deal with him... he's a little afraid of me. :P

ah... have to do some planning for tomorrow...

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