Wednesday, June 08, 2005

life is ordinary

there hasn't been much going on. i try to keep myself occupied.

last weekend, i saw mr. slocumb with some of his kids at springfield plaza. i recognized him right away, and he saw me too. one big happy reunion, yay! he's awesome. he was my one of my favorite teachers - and the orchestra teacher i actually liked. i told him i'd visit soon. school's going to be out in two weeks, i should squeeze in a visit.

i also banged up my right knee. that entire leg is going to be useless in a few years. i blacked out for a second while i was walking to the kitchen and fell flat on my face. i landed really hard on my right knee. i almost fell again that same day, while i was in my room. hmm... i told ryan that there's something wrong with my inner ear. (i think i might have said middle... i'm such a crackhead.) my right hip is still giving me problems. i'm determined i'm beyond repair at this point. :X

celebrate fairfax this weekend. that's probably all i'll do, unless ryan had something else in mind.

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