Wednesday, May 18, 2005

belated HFStival pix

okay so ryan and i went to HFStival on Saturday. it was in baltimore this year (since they're broadcasting from there now). i only took a few pics because it was just too hot to think straight. ;) anyway, i've been too lazy to post these until now:

this is garbage, with shirley manson standing in the middle of the stage. all you can see are her red shoes. :P they were awesome.

They Might Be Giants
this is they might be giants. ryan really likes them, so i'm glad he got to see them. hehe it was funny to hear the crowd start singing when they played "boss of me."

and my favorite moment of the day:
this guy is wearing that PETA shirt with the yellow chick that says "I AM NOT A NUGGET!" he is blissfully eating chicken fingers. haha!

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