Monday, May 02, 2005

a turn for the better?

my appointment with dr. b was productive. for now, she ruled out birth control because i'm taking medication for my cholesterol - taking birth control would be added stress on my liver. she brought up polycystic ovarian syndrome too, which isn't something she wanted to look into right now because she wanted to check some other more likely possibilities first. she thought it would be a good idea to check my hormone levels and look more closely at the endometrial lining... and that involved a catheter and a lot of painful cramping. :X well, it was the most unpleasant feeling ever, and i was glad to have that catheter out. the results should be back in 1-2 weeks, so i guess i just wait. i also have to get more blood drawn on monday so i can get my kidneys and liver checked. if everything checks out, she said there is a pill i could take, which she usually gives to patients that have trouble conceiving. it's actually a diabetes medication, but it's been shown to improve chances for conception. the conception part isn't applicable to me. :P since there is a lot of diabetes in my family, there is a chance i could develop it myself, so it would be a preventative measure, as well as giving me the hormones my body seems to lack at the moment. it can also help lower my cholesterol. sounds like a drug designed just for me! :P well, we'll see...

i went shopping at ikea with ryan on saturday. i finally bought the sofa that i wanted (only $150!), and i put it together earlier this afternoon. i put the tv in the corner by the window and put the sofa in front of the tv. perfect. :) ryan came over today and enjoyed some tv with me on the sofa. oh it's so comfy. :D the cushion covers are white (well, off-white), so i'm going to drape a fitted bed sheet over them - cheap and clean alternative to having my mom make some covers. now i've only got a little left to clean before my room is finally settled. yay!

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