Friday, May 06, 2005


i am in so much pain right now... i've been waddling around. :
and happy birthday to gloria!

so this guy mike emailed me about a summer job, so i got him in touch with kathy. kathy said he came to see her on wednesday. apparently he's tall and good-looking. oh boy. :P he asked who i was, and i think kathy tried to play me up. unfortunately, i'm already in love with my own tall, good-looking guy. :) well, the upside is i will have a guy to talk to at work again. last year it was sean - he was fun. i get along better with guys, i'm actually looking forward to working with him. we'll be doing social studies together, yay! :D

time out for another groan of absolute pain. omg. >.< my hip is killing me. waaah, i want to cry.

dr. b called me this morning with some good news. my kidneys and liver are fine, and my glucose tolerance is fine too. however, my biopsy (remember the encounter with a catheter?) showed i'm not producing enough progesterone, so i have to take that in pill form. i also have to take another pill - i don't remember what it's called but it's that diabetes medication i mentioned before. anyway, i hope all this does something to fix me. i hate being broken.

oof... pain. painpainpain.

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