Wednesday, May 11, 2005

need more time!

okay so it's like 3:45am, and i'm not done with this paper. :P i'm getting there, i have 13 pages. i didn't like what i had by midnight, so i went back and redid half of it. whee! no. i'm tired as hell, and i think i'm getting sick. my throat hurts. i'm about to get into bed and get about 3 hours of sleep and then plug away at this paper some more. it needs to be done by at least 3:30pm, so i can drive to school and find somewhere to park. :X

anyway, before i go, i just have to say i'm very excited. medina called to let me know that she's hiring me for the fall. yay! i'll be working at falls church high school. i find out the details on thursday morning, and i get to see all my wonderful kids again!

okay time for a nap.

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