Thursday, May 19, 2005

[something creative]

it's thursday, which means only two more days before i graduate. :) *sigh* i'm glad i'm done.

ryan came over last night. we went for a walk around the neighborhood. we were approaching the corner by stephanie's house when her dogs went crazy. these three kids were also out with their dog, and they let it run toward stephanie and her dogs. her two dogs started barking and biting each other. i felt like i should have at least offered to help her (we were friends in the distant past), but i didn't. :X we didn't exactly leave off on a good note, i didn't know what her reaction would have been.

anyway, we got dessert at pizzeria uno. i forget what it was called, but it was a huge chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. it was yummy! :D i can think of one way that would have made it even yummier (...hehe...).

whoa i'm watching "modern marvels" on the history channel and they're talking about various flight disasters in history. they just showed some of the tests they conducted after the columbia exploded - they shot a piece of foam at a wing, and it blew a huge hole through the wing. :O that made the nasa investigators stop saying it had nothing to do with the foam. (this is such a non-sequitur.)

okay, off to get ready for my day.

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  1. Hey you.... You are Graduating.. woohoo.. Congrats. I think that is awesome. How great you must feel. So happy for you.. Take care and thanks for the nice message for me. I needed it.. Good luck.. :)