Friday, May 13, 2005

two dates in one night

1. my little cousin is home from uva. (i guess she's not really little anymore, haha, but she'll always be my little cousin.) i haven't seen her since whenever my uncle's birthday was. my my, already done with her second year. i feel old. :P but i'll be one of the young ones getting my M.Ed. next saturday!! anyway, i'm taking her out for dinner tonight - just to catch up and belatedly celebrate her 20th birthday. :)

2. i'm going to see ryan after dinner. sort of like... dessert to top off the evening. ;) i know i'll see him tomorrow, but we'll be at a concert all day, so there won't be time to cuddle and kiss and be cute. :P

i got a lot of sleep last night but i'm still tired. i feel so completely drained. :P but it was so worth all the excitement this week. *sigh*

life is good.

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