Thursday, July 07, 2005

the world is a scary place

i turned on the radio and it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. elliot was talking about something in london. when i finally put the pieces together, i got that strange feeling in the back of my throat again. not because i was scared... but because i was sad.

i don't know anyone in london. i never knew anyone in nyc. but it's still hard to pretend that i'm not affected by either event. even madrid last year. has the world really come to this? my dad is really angry about it, he's been condemning ALL OF ISLAM AND THE MIDDLE EAST. he has a tendency to overreact. i don't understand why london was targeted by extremists because it's a relatively quiet city in international affairs. they've had their share of terrorism from their northern neighbors. i don't know which is worse.

i've been hearing so many theories on the news. they chose england because they can't get past american customs. they planned it to coincide with the opening of the g8 summit. it was the french, angry over their failure to secure the olympic games. (right.) i don't think americans are overreacting by heightening security - it's a natural reaction, especially in our post-9/11 world. i'm not bothered by it - in fact, i almost called my parents this morning when i got to work to tell them to stay out of the city. i work just down the road from dulles international - who knows what kind of affect an attack there would have on outlying areas?

i'm not paranoid, just really saddened by the state of our world.

sometimes, i think our world really is coming to an end...

.o0((condolences to the brits and others who lost loved ones today.))0o.

it does make my life seem that much more insignificant.

work has been really stressful this week. i got two new students in the morning, and one in the afternoon. the morning kids i can deal with because they're half asleep most of the time. but the kids i have for spanish on tues/thurs have been so unruly this week. i'm in some unbelievable pain right now from all the stress today. my shoulders ache - as much as they would had i been hauling 50-lb. rice bags all day. (haha, i made a funny.) ben's going to take over spanish next week, while i do his ESL class. i'm fine with it. ben and raymond have both given up on them because they're so unattentive and unwilling to work. i'm not sure how much better i would be. *sigh*

also, we lost another computer to the superb computing skills of the kids. with three out of commission, the kids were fighting for time on the computers. i had one of the older boys, brian, act as lab monitor, making the kids take turns every 15 minutes. then yesterday, we discovered that someone had vandalized raymond's room with the whiteboard eraser. he/she had taken the eraser and written "Dirty" on the wall, then rubbed it all along the wall below the board. everyone denies knowing anything about it. so i had all the kids come to the kitchen area for a little sit-down. i told them that we needed to know who did it. he/she did not have to admit to it right then, but he/she should tell a teacher or kathy later during the day. the computer lab would be closed indefinitely if no one came forward. by 3pm, no one had confessed. raymond tried to reinstall XP on one of the three computers, but for some reason, it wasn't connecting to the internet (or maybe it just wasn't recognizing the connection). well, that just means i'll have to take a look at it. i am the resident computer fixer. um. considering the number of times i've had to reinstall XP on my machine, that's a little funny. :P

well, we're going bowling tomorrow. that should be nice and chaotic. i'm not bowling. i'd rather just watch and keep the kids out of trouble. and then... happy hour! :D or rather, "jessica sitting at a table while the rest of them drink" hour. :P

hmm... what to do about my aching shoulders?

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