Friday, July 08, 2005


so we took the kids bowling today. i didn't participate, but i did cheer and jeer. ;) raymond, ben, and mike really got into it with the kids. they really had a lot of fun. one successful friday down... 6 more to go.

after most of the kids left, we (me, mike, jacob, raymond, and janet) went out for drinks. well, janet and mike drank, the rest of us stayed sober. ;) we just talked about how things have been going and did some "getting to know" chatting. "it was an accident." haha.

ah well... here's to the weekend. victoria's first birthday tomorrow. i probably need to stop by PEI on sunday and fix those computers for raymond's class. yay how exciting. -__-

hope everyone has a great weekend.

ooh yea, more pics posted.

Just the girls

Boys just wanna have fun

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