Sunday, July 31, 2005

the run-down

well, i just got home from anupama's wedding. it was fun. :) very energetic at the end, hehe.

Indian bride

it was at foxchase manor in manassas. the place is huge! but too cold. :P


omg, aren't we the cutest? ;) i have to admit i look really good here. (not to mention my boobs look enormous.)

Say cheese

some other random pics:

from friday...

peace out. (i think that ghostly image by my face is actually my phone. i was swinging it around on my finger at one point, it might have been this one.)


here i am with two of my favorite girls:

Me and the girls

ryan thought it would be funny to take a picture of me brushing out my curls. silly boy. (ooh, nice handprint on the mirror. i need to clean.)


damn yo, look at that perfectly done hair. ;)

Kathy says

i'm not vain. really. :D

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