Wednesday, July 13, 2005

one big huff

i can't believe it's only wednesday. i'm so worn out already. o_O

i had told my girls the way mike and i felt about ben. in turn, the girls asked mike if what i had told them was true. :P i walked into mike's room at the end of the day, and he said, "you can't trust them with anything." hehe. all the girls - especially esther and sammy - are starting to feel really uncomfortable around ben. he singled out esther this morning during the meeting because she had pantsed one of the boys. (it happened in my room, his pants never came down past his butt, and only the older kids were in the room.) i thought ben overreacted by doing that, and so did mike. ben thought it was completely reasonable. (i roll my yes so much lately.) he's been really friendly with sammy, maybe a little too friendly. she tells me about how uncomfortable he makes her, especially with some of the comments he makes. he said something about how he's attracted to hispanic girls, and that sammy looks hispanic. (she doesn't.) he touched her leg to get her attention yesterday, which was really inappropriate, considering she was sitting less than 2 feet away from him. then she told her she needs to come earlier and stay late so he can tutor her in spanish. not necessary considering he WON'T BE TEACHING SPANISH.

i switched with him in the afternoon because he said he was having a tough time with the three ESL boys he had. i volunteered to switch. well, i worked with them yesterday and i didn't have any trouble with them whatsoever. except for a few times where they refused to speak english, they worked the whole two hours. raymond said he doesn't have a hard time getting them to work either, so i don't know what's going on with ben. i think it just might be that the kids don't want to take him seriously, or they aren't comfortable speaking english the whole time. well, i'm switching back to spanish next week. i'm glad because a lot of the kids taking spanish said he tries to teach too much new information in a short period of time without giving them enough in-class practice. ben said he clicked with them instantly and that things just rolled well, but that seems to contradict what the students said. i'm a little more willing to believe the students since there are more of them, and i know they wouldn't lie to me. i've known brian for a year now, and i know he wouldn't make things up. well, it'll be good to be back there with them. as hard as they can make it sometimes, i prefer being with them.

we're going to six flags next friday. the girls seemed excited, even more so when they learned that ben wasn't going. :X anyway, i think it'll be fun. we decided that the youngest group wouldn't be allowed to go unless each child came with his/her parent. a lot of them wanted to know why a parent had to come. i feel bad that they want to go but probably can't because no one can go with them. :\ well, hopefully they won't feel like they've been denied anything. we'll be going to planet splash and play in a couple weeks, so they can have some water park fun there. :) mike and i will probably take the older kids. they all want to go with us because they know we'll let them enjoy their time without ruling with iron fists. i'm taking them on all the coasters. :D

*sigh* so tired... maybe a nap?

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