Sunday, July 24, 2005

let's keep swimming

we took the kids to planet splash 'n play on friday, and it was so much fun! ^_^ i didn't take my bathing suit initially because i hadn't planned on going in the water. but all the kids kept asking me to go in (plus i wanted to get cody to go in the water), so i drove all the way home to get my bathing suit. i was pretty self-conscious at first, but once i got in the water and got drenched, it was okay. :P

yea, so as soon as i got in the water, mike, raymond, and jacob came up behind me (without my knowledge) and splashed me mercilessly. :P then they ran away. it took me a few seconds to figure out who had done it, but i knew right away because they were laughing on the other side of the pool. i wasn't able to get back at them, but i'll find a way. (okay so maybe i probably deserved that from raymond ever since the whole candy incident at the bowling alley, but mike and jacob will pay. ;) such nice boys... so deceiving.)

yesterday, i went with ryan to a water park by his place. it wasn't as fun and exciting because there were so many kids, and it was just a regular pool with a slide. maybe i can get him to go to splash 'n play today. :D

oh yes, i got myself a bear yesterday at build-a-bear. i got one for victoria too. :)

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