Saturday, July 30, 2005

tales of the funny, the sad, and the weird

what a full week it's been...

1. the saddest thing that happened this week was someone stealing nick's game cartridge from his gameboy. according to nick, after lunch he placed his gameboy on the table and he sat on the floor to play cards with a group of boys. josh (his brother) saw the gameboy, handed it to him, and told him to put it away. nick put it back on the table and said he would put it away later. about 10-15 minutes later, nick reached for the gameboy but the cartridge was gone. he came up to me with his gameboy, looking like he was going to cry. "ms. kim, someone stole my game."

the teachers and i turned that place upside down looking for it. i got all the kids into their classrooms, and i had them all dump their bookbags and empty their pockets. nothing. i called kathy and told her what was going on, and she asked that i gather all the kids by the kitchen and do another dump. i had ben take care of the older kids out there, mike and raymond searched their kids in the classroom. i had some of the boys help me gather up all the trash bins, and i searched them with my hands. it was the most digusting thing i've ever done. do you have any idea what's in those trash bins after lunch? gross. but i did it anyway. the bookbag and trash searches turned up nothing.

the kids went back to class, but the other teachers and i were still really upset. why would anyone steal a game from nick?? we stopped classes and did another search. i helped ben with the older kids, mike and raymond did theirs, nothing turned up. as the kids went back to class, i checked the bathrooms, the outside bathrooms, under bookshelves, behind plants, everywhere. nothing. i told nick we had done our best, but someone was hiding it and we didn't know what to do.

around 2:00 raymond pulled me out of class and said he had found the game. on a hunch, he had gone into the boys' bathroom and looked under the trash bin. there it was. he was so angry. he paced the hallway for a few minutes. he went from class to class, talking with each boy individually, but no one confessed. we called mike out and we decided that we had to sit the kids down and let them know how disappointed we were about this incident. they lost all their lunch privileges, so they have to eat in their own classrooms, no wandering, no computer lab, no gameboys, no cards.

the sit-down with the kids went really well. considering it was the 2nd time that one of the kids had lied to us (the first time being the "Dirty" incident), we had to let them know that we were dead serious and they were not going to get off scott free. we all did a pretty good job of expressing our disappointment (with the exception of ben - explanation to follow), and i think the kids understood that this was no laughing matter.

okay, so here's what happened with ben during this whole time. during the first bookbag dump, he was yelling at the kids to be quiet and throwing their stuff on the floor. unacceptable. during the second dump, he literally picked up each bag, held it upside down, and dumped everyone on the floor. he got papers, books, and pencils scattered everywhere. the kids were so upset. he didn't flinch and told them to hurry up and pick up their things. during the third dump, i had the kids line up in front of me and ben for searches. all i did was open the bags, stick my hand in and search around, and only open pockets that looked suspicious. meanwhile, he continued dumping and throwing. kids migrated to my line. there was no need for him to take it out on the kids like that. he needs to learn to keep his temper under control and understand that scaring or pissing the kids off doesn't help our cause.

during the sit-down, he butted in with something about integrity and "a man's word." i think we all rolled our eyes. he always does that - says something that the kids won't understand, in a way that's even hard for us to understand. he just loves bringing in his marine background into everything he does and says. it wasn't necessary, and it was inappropriate. he has to keep things simple and straightforward.

anyway, we didn't tell the kids we had found the game. we pulled nick and josh aside at the end of the day and told them not to tell anyone we had found it. nick was so happy when he got it back. i was glad to see him smile again. if i ever find out who took the game and stashed it in the bathroom, i am going to give him a piece. he'd better hope and pray.


look at that face! how could anyone do such a thing?!

2. raymond and sandy began carpooling this week. sandy also has a "boyfriend" named scott. ;) hehe.

3. on thursday, before classes started, i was at the front desk, and ben was sitting across from me, talking to kelly, one of the little girls. i don't remember what they were talking about, but all of a sudden i heard him say, "i'm way cuter than mr. wolf." i had to turn away so he wouldn't see me laugh. i had to keep it quiet. i told kathy about that yesterday. she was like, "what?! no one says that about my mr. wolf." hahaha. ben always says things like that. that just makes me bring it up even more. "oh, mike, i think kathy has a crush on you. she said you were so handsome again." ;)

4. yesterday, we had pajama day again. ugh, the day ended up being ALL ABOUT BEN, as usual. he got on my nerves as soon as i walked in. he said he was going to watch "school of rock" with the kids. i told him it was inappropriate since he was going to be with the 2nd graders. he argued that there was nothing bad in the movie and that it was funny. i reminded him of the opening scene (jack black wakes up with a bad hangover), and the mention of pot later in the movie. i told him that was more than enough reason not to show that movie because i didn't want to have to explain what a hangover was. he said, "oh, then send them to me, i'll come up with some lie." yea, way to handle that, ben.

then he started asking my kids if they wanted to see "school of rock." of course, some of them had no idea what it was, so they wanted to see it. i told them it was inappropriate and that we had already agreed to watch "napoleon dynamite." ben started arguing with me. he said he was going to find a way for them to watch it, whether or not i approved.

i told kathy that she needed to tell ben not to show that movie. she frowned and asked, "why doesn't he know what's okay and what's not okay?" yea, i can't tell you that either.

so he ended up watching "spider-man 2" with the 1st-3rd graders. i watched "napoleon dynamite" with the 4th-8th graders. so ha.

5. during the movie, sandy was in the room with ben. she put a chair in the back of the room and sat down. he pulled a chair up right next to her and sat down. she felt uncomfortable, so she got up and moved to the front with the kids. she laid on the ground and the kids laid on top of her. halfway through, a bunch of the kids left for the bathroom. ben approached her and asked, "do you mind if i join you?" she said she did and asked that he go away. he thought she was kidding and asked why she was being mean. she repeated her answer, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. he laid down, so she got up and left the room. jacob and i were at the front desk, she came over and sat down. she was angry about his actions and told us what happened.

i went to see how my kids were doing (they were supposed to be reading), and ben saw me in the hallway. he said, "where's sandy? i need help with the kids." i told him that she had gone to the bathroom (lie) and had stopped to talk with jacob (mostly truth). i said i would go get her. when i told her he wanted her in the room, she said she wasn't going back. jacob and i laughed because, well, it was funny. :P ben came out to the front and asked sandy what was wrong because she seemed a little nervous. she went off on him. she told him that he shouldn't have laid down after she said she minded and asked him to go away. unapologetically, he said, "oh, well, i'm sorry." he went back to the room.

later he came out front again when sandy had gone to the bathroom or something. he asked jacob what was wrong with sandy. jacob mumbled something and left. when he told me, i was amazed that ben would think there was something wrong with sandy. the real question here is, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, BEN? get a clue. she doesn't like you. no one does. you're weird and creepy. janet talked with you about your behavior before she left. just because she's not here, it doesn't mean you can start being creepy again. it's called SEXUAL HARRASSMENT.

anyway, sandy never went back to the room. kathy came back at 12 with the pizzas. after all the kids got their food, ben left for mcdonald's, and i told kathy what happened. she was upset and asked sandy if she wanted to sit down with ben and talk with him in front of her. sandy said she thought it would be okay, but that if he did it one more time, she'd let kathy know.

6. i think it was monday, or maybe last week, but one day sandy was getting ready to leave at 3:30. she started walking back to her room to get her things, ben saw her and said, "wait, i'm going home too." he got his things too, and i saw them walking to the door together. kathy stopped sandy and said she needed to talk to her. they went back to the conference room, and ben stood by the front desk, flipping through a magazine. i was sitting at the desk, just watching to see what he would do. the kids i drive home brought their card game out front and were playing on the floor. mike was tutoring one of his kids, and he came out front to xerox something. he saw ben and asked, "what are you still doing here?" ben said, "oh i'm going to leave soon." mike left. i didn't say a word, just continued to watch him. i pretended to be doing other things.

now, i knew why he was still there. he was waiting for sandy. around 4, he asked me what kathy and sandy were talking about. i told him i didn't know (truth), but that it was probably about some of the students in her class. he nodded and went back to reading a magazine. at 4:15, sandy and kathy came out of the conference room. there was the usual exchange of "see you tomorrow's", and ben followed sandy out. as they were leaving, i made eye contact with kathy and whispered in korean, "don't let her leave yet, he's been waiting for her." immediately, she called sandy back in. by that time, ben had already gotten out the front door. sandy came back in, but he had no choice but to leave. coming back in would have looked suspicious and made his intentions obvious. i laughed about it as she came back in. she said, "i have no idea why he keeps doing that." we chatted a little about the inappropriate things he was doing, and sandy expressed how uncomfortable he made her.

seriously, what reason would he possibly have for waiting 45 minutes for sandy? they don't drive in the same direction. 45 minutes?? why? i just don't understand him. i think sandy has made it pretty clear that she doesn't want anything to do with him, but he has utterly failed to pick up on her signals. how dense. ugh. at least it makes for a good laugh the next day at lunch. you know, before ben joins us.

and that concludes the week.

oh yea, ryan left work early yesterday and came to see me at work. :D well, kathy too, because she missed him. ;) even some of the kids stayed late just to meet him, how cute. :) so check it out, me and my boy:


went and saw ken's house yesterday. it was nice. a little on the small side, but big enough for a single guy.

anyway, anupama's wedding tonight! :D

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