Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a few of these, please

so cute. ^_^ i can't wait to have my own.

The world outside
Victoria loves standing at our back door and watching our dog. Last week, she learned to say "mung," which is the onomatopoeic word for dog. Last weekend, she learned to say "may," my dog's name. :) too cute.

So pretty!
Another thing she learned was to use a comb. I wasn't here for this one, but it looks like she's doing pretty well.

Victoria also learned how to use zippers.

Let's read
She's taken an interest in books, which is always fun. :) Now she won't tear and pound on the pages of the books she has.

Watching TV
Watching TV!

Look at me!
Okay, so she didn't learn to play the piano, but it's a start. ;) She pounded on the keys with her hands until my dad showed her how to use her fingers. She's so smart.

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