Wednesday, February 23, 2005


...what to do for spring break. i have an incredibly long one this year, seeing i only have class on wednesday nights. the university calendar says it is march 13-20 (sunday to sunday), but technically mine is march 10-23. can you believe?? :D a whole lot of time to fill. i'm wondering what to do with all that time. i googled some cities last night in search of places to visit, things to do. i checked new york city, san franciscso, and las vegas. right now, new york sounds like a good bet. just find myself a nice place to stay in manhattan, plop myself outside, and just walk. well, ideally, that's what i should do. in any one of those cities, i need to be, as ryan said, spontaneous. i am not spontaneous. i think my head would explode from mass confusion. i thought about europe, but it's too late to book anything, and it'd cost a pretty penny. i don't want to spend a lot of money. it just might be new york city, then. dunno.

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