Tuesday, February 15, 2005

weekend update

well, it was incredible. :)

i got to ryan's apartment around 2, busied myself with getting ready. around 4, i plopped down on the futon and watched some tv. (i discovered that ryan got HBO, which was news to him too. we happily watched a lot of HBO.) at 5:30, i started to get really anxious and started pacing. (then i ran my hands over the trails i left so it wouldn't be obvious later, haha.) the phone rang, startling me. after wondering whether to answer it while it rang three times, i finally did and it was erika. she was pretty surprised to hear me answer the phone. she solicited suggestions for valentine's. i had none. i offered a vague "we're just staying in" when she asked about our plans. ;)

the night panned out very smoothly. ryan came home around 6:40 - he had stopped to pick up flowers, the cutest tiny pink roses! (it's too bad i couldn't bring them home, but my parents would have been suspicious.) we did run into our usual "what do you want?/well, what do you want?" discussion, but that was settled quickly, as we had other things on our minds. :P quick dinner, quick dessert (ice cream and cherries!!)... our adventures that night are not for me to tell. 0:) it was quite innocent (relatively).

saturday, we stayed in bed until noon or so. i was actually really dizzy and needed to get up. i spent the rest of the day slipping in and out of dizzy spells, which really killed any desire to do anything but watch tv. i took some tylenol, which made me feel a little better, but the dizziness persisted. anyway, we ended up perusing trader joe's (where we each had a chocolate covered strawberry - yum!) and costco (where we bought cheese and crackers!). we had korean food for dinner (where i got stuff on my shirt as expected). then we had more adventures. ;)

i woke up relatively clear-headed on sunday, but it took some persuading to get ryan awake. ;) we ended up laying in bed until way past noon. we killed a few hours with tv and canoodling, then had dinner at the same italian place we went for our one-year anniversary. i love it, it's such a cute place. :) they even lit the candles at the tables. i had some really good garlic and butter shrimp. when we got back to the apartment, ryan gave me some beautiful pink sapphire earrings. :D

i came home, the parents suspected nothing.

and then my dizziness came back and i felt like shit. and i missed ryan. *sigh*

i still miss him. this is going to be a looooong week. two nights of having my nose in his armpits is hard to leave behind. oh... it's not as gross as it may seem. i love the smell of his deodorant. :)

i miss you, i love you, i think about you night and day! <3 sweet dreams, my love...

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