Sunday, February 06, 2005


there was a time that i actually cared enough to watch the stupid game. ;)

an eventful sunday. i actually had breakfast this morning. :P then i went to cvs to drop off my prescription and to pick up ryan. i drove us to the dealer so he could get his car today. a short wait turned into more than two hours. it didn't bother me as much as it might have on some cold day, but it was so nice today! just standing outside in the sun, walking around the lot, listening to ryan go into geek overdrive. ;) it was excellent. after ryan was finally able to get his car, we came back to my house. we couldn't decide where to eat (this has always been a problem for us, haha), but we settled on mexican, so we went to don pablo's. it was yummy. :D and much quieter than the last time i was there. then we came back and watched "harold and kumar" again. he just left a little while ago, he was so tired. :) mmm, all i can think about right now is snuggling with him, with my face in the crook of his arm. i only have to wait a few more days before i can fall asleep in his arms.

wheee, i am so high right now -- high on love LOL. ;) *muah*

and you know, ryan's less-gay-miata is starting to grow on me. i feel like i've stuffed myself into a box whenever i'm in there, but i'll get used to it. ah, he's so cute. :)

miata... miata... miata. 0:)

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