Thursday, February 10, 2005

the weekend creeps closer...

so class was... boring. i have to say, i seriously do not like this class. i feel like i'm in high school again. (but haven't i always?)

i inhaled a salad during our 10-minute break. (we really need more break time for a 3-hour class!) i think more salad dressing ended up on my hand and my nose than went in my mouth. (don't ask.) i think the girl sitting at the computer across from me giggled. well, that's fine with me because she didn't enjoy a tasty salad at inhuman speeds.

after class, i drove up to see ryan. while i was driving, i got to thinking again about how much i hate the distance. the drive is really unbearably long. anyway, that grievance was forgotten as soon as he opened his door and kissed me. teehee. (and then i remembered that i was supposed to be taking a pill right then.) he had been watching something about the history of race-based laws. a woman said, "i have no oriental friends." i repeated it.

then there was some more kissing. fast forward to 10pm. we caught svu. i had difficulty taking dennis farina seriously. i kept seeing him knocking back a shot of liquor on an airplane and yelling about diamonds. (see "snatch.") it was an okay episode. something about lesbians. i don't really remember. i was too intoxicated by the smell of ryan. mmm. i still smell like him. i could lick myself.

i grabbed a pill as soon as i got home. i went to the kitchen to get some water, but i dropped the pill. oops. dad was doing the dishes (what timing), and he stopped as soon as he saw me drop to my hands and knees.
"what are you doing?"
"i'm looking for something."
"it can't disappear, i'll find it."
*i stuck my hand under the cabinet and found it.* "ah, here it is."
"what is that?"
"uhm..." [awkward silence]
*dad went back to washing the dishes.*

lights out!
see you in my dreams...

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