Tuesday, February 22, 2005

a weekend of lesbians, demons, bush, and blow

yes, that's right. ryan and i went through... eight episodes? i bought "the L word" because i needed to see how similar it was to QAF. indeed, similarities are hard to miss, but the focus of the show is different. less of the animalistic passion, more of the emotional subtleties that make us human. there isn't as much sex as i thought - well, relative to QAF, which has brian getting a blow job in the first five minutes of the show. i can't say i like it better - i like it for different reasons. granted, it can be slow at times, but it's a good show. i think ryan rather enjoyed the sex scenes, although i didn't reach over to check. ;)

we saw constantine on saturday. i'm mixed about it. of course, i loved seeing keanu on film again, but i'm undecided about the movie itself. i don't really know the story, that definitely adds to my confusion. i wish i knew more about the religious side of the issue - shows how much i paid attention in CCD, huh? (that's a whole other issue.)

on a side note, as i've gotten older, the story of heaven and hell have piqued my interest. i guess it started when i read paradise lost (in its entirety). i have no interest in redefining my religion (or finding one, for that matter). i just like stories.

so anyway, i would appreciate the story behind constantine if i better understood the biblical allusions. and i know critics refuse to give keanu a break, but i think his acting was okay. he didn't have any fantastically stupid lines to say, although there were some humorous ones.
"can i leave my clothes on?" [pause] "well?"
"i'm thinking."


we also watched fahrenheit 9/11. disturbing. chilling. thought-provoking. i realize michael moore can't be taken as the authority on the situation, and that he has shown only information that furthers his objectives, but it's still worth thinking about. the same people that denigrate this film because they believe it's a blasphemous portrayal of bush probably ate up the starr report a couple years back. they also love britney spears, country music, and grits. but hey, who am i to judge?

i've also started reading the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy because the movie is coming out soon. ryan wants to see it, so i want to go in prepared. he's been good about indulging my intense obsessions (e.g. constantine and something's gotta give), so this is the least i can do. :) besides, what i've read thus far (which is not much) is pretty funny. even if i miss a lot of what's going on in the movie, ryan can explain it afterwards. you know, talk nerdy. 0:)

yipes, i just remembered i have work early tomorrow, and i'm completely unprepared. haha, oh well. off to bed then.

.o0(see you in my dreams, my love...)

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