Thursday, February 17, 2005

something to do

i've taken up a long-term project, purpose unknown. (i think i've said that five times today.) i needed something on which i could focus my attention and feel a sense of purpose. yet what that purpose is exactly...

well, tonight in class, prof. c. said my research proposal (examining student attitudes about and perceptions of silent reading) and tenative methodology (case study and survey) were straight forward. i feel much better about it now. my original question was too complicated and involved too many (confounding) variables to yield any useful information. additionally, since i am not currently in a classroom (man, i need to find a real job), k. offered to let me observe her students. i think she was being sincere, but she added that she would like to read my paper when i finish so she can figure out what her students are doing.

(i think the grammar is completely wrong in that sentence, but i'm half-awake. i've been semi-conscious all day. not exactly something you want to know if you were driving alongside me any time during the day today.)

a. and i were utterly bored and annoyed in class tonight. are we the only ones that seem to GET it? we are grad students, we should not need every detail of every assignment described to us. we spend a lot of time giggling, rolling our eyes, checking email, doodling. i know i must space out for at least 75% of the class. that means i actually pay attention for roughly 40 minutes all together. the other 120 minutes i could be... well, i can't really think of anything better.

i've noticed that the water level in my snowglobe seems to have dropped. the bubble at the top looks wider than it did two months ago. has it been two months already? ha, well, i've certainly gotten over the anxiety of ryan seeing me in a dress. quite trivial now, wouldn't you say? but anyway, getting back to the snowglobe (am i rambling?), maybe i will watch it over the next few weeks and add water.

oh, mary and holli came by PEI on tuesday. that's all i have to say about that.

kathy and i were looking at some catalogues for material we can use this summer. i don't have high expectations for the summer program this year since we are starting at a new place. i've been around for a couple years now (this will be my third summer), kathy has given me sway. it's a nice feeling, being able to help in the decision-making process. on my suggestion, kathy has already decided against weekly field trips, and the ones we do take will be fun. i do hope that i get older kids this year. i love the young ones, but i do not have the patience for their constant antics and misbehavior. i say that like it's any better with older kids, but i'm better prepared to handle them. fingers crossed.

well, i know i should be in bed, but i think i'll catch a little tv before i do. i feel so out of touch with the world.

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